Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last things first

As an explanation of why I'm in a big rush again today, I'll start by telling you that our final visitors at Afton Station were guests we've been anticipating for a long time (and whom some of you who read this blog have communicated with in the past), Kara Lincoln and her boyfriend Joe Fisher from Iowa. Kara has been thoroughly researching their trip for a long time and has asked those of us on the Yahoo eGroup a lot of intelligent questions. Ron Jones and I had been very much looking forward to meeting Kara in person. After a lengthy visit, including Kara's pressing some pennies for her collection, lots of picture taking, and a ride for Kara in Tattoo Man's car, they left for Tulsa, I closed up the Station, and raced home because I'm planning to meet Kara and Joe again at the 5 & Diner for dinner tonight. Yippee! They're super folks and I look forward to seeing them, but I have to hurry to get everything done first.

Now, back to the beginning. First of all, because it's not quite dangerous enough to take pictures from a moving car (while driving!), this morning I decided to park on a railroad track to take this picture. :-) Actually, I didn't get out of the car, and I didn't turn off the car, but I was in a railroad mood this morning, so I had to do it.

It was a slow morning at Afton Station. Tattoo Man and I were both there early, and our first guests were a delightful couple from France, with enthusiasm for America and Route 66 the strength of which I haven't seen for a long time. The guy in particular was bubbling over with excitement about their 3-week trip, despite having very little English. It was a joy to see this kind of enthusiasm. Then followed a long period of no visitors, right up until 12:30 when Betty arrived. Shortly thereafter guests started to come in the door, from Joplin MO, Siloam Springs OK, various towns in Texas, and Spavinaw, OK -- 13 visitors in all. It was also a great day for sale of merchandise.

I rushed home in record time, but must admit to using the Interstate. Door-to-door in 1 hour and 25 minutes. Yikes, second dumb thing I've done today!


DennyG said...

Anyone who believes they've counted all of a day's "dumb things" isn't paying attention.

Laurel said...

So you think I'll be doing a few more dumb things today? Yeah, you're probably right. :-)

DennyG said...

I realized as soon as I posted that I should have used the word "probably" or "maybe" or "possibly" or "perhaps" at least once but it was too late. I just wish that was the only dumb thing I did today.

Beth said...

Your French visitors sound way cool! And great that you got to meet someone from your Yahoo group (I'll be joining before too long!). Hugs, Beth