Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rumble Seat

I just got my 3000th blog hit! Well, isn't that special! :-)

I wasn't in Afton today, but I did get a very nice note from a visitor from last week. Bill Geibe was particularly interested in the vintage cars, and after he'd looked for a while he asked me, somewhat sheepishly, if it would be ok if he sat in the rumble seat of the 1934 12-cylinder. It's something he'd always wanted to do. I said he could, and that I'd take his picture with his camera. I did. He sent it to me, and here it is.

I've been wanting to put this on my blog. It's our Afton Station postcard.


Beth said...

I love the Pearls Before Swine cartoon!

Congrats on 3000! The number will only keep going up as more people discover your site!


Ken Riches said...

Thanks for stopping by Bucko's World and becoming a follower :o)

We are having an event for my work at the local Studebaker museum, we can't wait to see all the vintage cars.