Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Wonder

I wonder, as I sit here in a stifling room awaiting the a/c repair man on a 100+ degree evening, if the heat will make me a better writer.   Some of the great writers of the past are seen, sleeves rolled up, sweating over an old typewriter which we are to believe put out some of the finest literature of our time.    This is not likely to happen to me.  I just want it fixed before I go to bed tonight, and I don't expect that my suffering (ha!) will improve my storytelling and plunge me into a whirlwind of creativity.   So, all that being said, here's another chapter in the life of a Route 66 museum owner.

It wasn't a crowded day at Afton Station, probably due to the crippling heat.  I'm sure that many found it more interesting to sit home in the refrigerated air or hit a beach or water park somewhere.  However we did meet and greet 20 souls, and here they are:
Folks from Fayetteville, Arkansas examining the cars in the post-war showroom.
A couple from San Sebastian, Spain checking out the '90 TC Maserati.
A couple from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma brightened the Station with their colorful shirts.
Sisters from Vandalia and Elkins Arkansas peruse the guidebooks.
And finally a happy and energetic couple from Ft. Worth, Texas.

Others came from Kansas City MO and Ozark AR.

Today is Ron M.'s birthday.  Send him good wishes.  He's such a fine and caring guy.   Wouldn't make it without him.  At the moment, however, I wish he knew how to fix air conditioners.   :-)


MissDazey said...

Happy Birthday Ron from Mr. Bruce and me.

Ron said...

Thank you, Miss Dazey and Mr. Bruce!

ATOA said...

Great read, thanks for writing this