Saturday, July 18, 2015


We at Afton Station are constantly impressed by the endurance of some of our guests.  This young man from Beijing, China for example, is pedaling his way across Route 66. He's been on the road for 29 days with 13 left to go, traveling west to east.  It was 100 degrees out there today, but it didn't keep him from being upbeat, enthusiastic, and smiling.
He was so impressive that I'm giving  him two photos.  
Two groups of Aussies, strangers until they met at the Station, posed for this group photo.  It's always fun to have fellow countrymen meet and exchange their Route 66 thoughts.  Both are from Brisbane in Queensland.
Those brave enough to confront the stifling  heat head on were this gentleman from Barcelona, Spain. . .
 . . .and these two guys from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Others came from Kansas City MO. . .
 . . .Montreal, Canada. . .
 and Parsons, Kansas,
Marly came to wash David's behemoth of an RV. . . until the hose split, putting the mission to an abrupt end.
The dear Tiptons, Reuben and Colleen, farmers from Afton, for another year supplied us with fresh corn, immediately off the stalk and shucked.  Beautiful corn from beautiful people.  I just ate three ears. . .  I am a  happy girl!

Ron M. and Joe Meeks were with me to help out today, and drop-ins included Betty,  Tattoo Man, Crazy Legs, and Michael Scruggs, all stopped in for a while, too.

It has been a long time since I've been in the right place at the right time to photograph a pretty sunrise.  I found one today in Tulsa while heading to pick up Ron M.  A very relaxing sky.

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