Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stop the Rain Dance, Please

The train whistle and the thunder are competing for my eardrums.   The relentless pounding of rain on pavement adds to the cacaphony.  The splashes from speeding trucks on Route 66 reach all the way to the gas pumps.  There's not a traveler in sight.   Thus the consequences of a deluge like this.  How I wish we could bottle some of this and send it to our poor drought-ridden brethren in California!

Now, at the end of the day and home again, I can report that we did eventually have a mere four visitors.   Ron M., Betty, and I greeted a couple from Flint, Michigan and a couple from Milano, Italy.
The Michigan couple has driven parts of Route 66 before.  He is vastly interested in vintage cars, so he was excited to dodge the raindrops in order to see our collection.
The couple from Milano, Italy was somewhat disconcerted by the weather, but they still have 15 days to get to California, and we assured them that they wouldn't see rain quite like this after today. They are celebrating their 26th anniversary today.   He has several Italian sports cars and has participated in the Mille Miglia, a  prestigious sports car rally that includes some rare vehicles which race through the Italian Alps to the finish.

Are you wondering if you're going to see any bison on  your Route 66 vacation?   I want to let you know that you can see them just two miles from Afton Station.   The former tourist stop called "Buffalo Ranch" was torn down about 14 years ago and was replaced by a truck stop, but the owners saw fit to retain a buffalo pasture and a small herd for travelers to see.   Ron M. took a few pictures the other day as we were passing by.   Worth seeing!

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