Saturday, July 4, 2015


Happy 4th of July!   That "boom" in the title is for our western readers and friends who are going to be deprived of fireworks this year due to the extreme drought.  We are truly sorry for this and everything the drought  has put upon you guys this year.

Meanwhile at Afton Station we had a parade of folks taking advantage of a holiday weekend.  It's hot here, but the little a/c at the Station does its job well.  Those enjoying our cool air today were from Madrid Spain, Eldorado Springs MO, Panama City Beach FL, Pampa TX,  Mitchell SD,  Auburn ME,  Kenosha WI, and Miami and Skiatook OK.
Betty was with us today, and her sister and sister's twin daughters dropped in, too.
This gentleman with his amazingly cool Route 66 suspenders came all the way from Auburn, Maine and drove the Lincoln Highway to the Pier at Santa Monica where they purchased the suspenders, and now back to  Maine for the last leg of their trip.  Truly a coast-to-coast adventure!
A young couple from Madrid, Spain found fascination with the penny pressing machine.
This couple, impervious to the heat, rolled in on their motorcycle from Panama City Beach, Florida.
Want to buy a do rag?  We've got a new shipment with three or four new Route 66 designs, and if you're on a bike,  you'll need one to keep the sweat out of your eyes.  So, keep us in mind.

Enjoy the fireworks if you plan to go to them.  I'm not.  I have no interest in getting in the traffic snarl and I'm so close to downtown that I can hear them from my house.  I used to be able to watch them from my front porch, but my darn trees grew up so tall and fast that they now block them.  Naughty trees!    :-)


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