Thursday, July 16, 2015


How many times did I say "Welcome!" today?   A lot.  The more the better. And all the hot, tired travelers who came through Afton Station's doors today deserved a big welcome, some cool air, and a bottle of cold water.

They came from Sydney Australia, Sussex England, Wichita Falls TX, Yuba City CA, Beaumont TX, Papeete Tahiti, Oceanside CA, Joplin MO, Ft. Lee NJ, and Cushing and Vinita, OK.

These are our first visitors from Tahiti.  They were with their two children, who seemed to disappear when it was picture-taking time.
Mom and daughter from Sydney, Australia were having fun on their cross-country adventure.
Check out these three cute boys.  They are vacationing on nearby Grand Lake.  The lady in pink is Grandma, and she admits to being a bit exhaused after a week with these three energetic guys!
Another family, from Yuba City, California, was enchanted by the penny pincher.
Chico the Dog was happy for some cool air, as  was his family from Beaumont, Texas..  
And finally, here's a large group of French citizens who visited yesterday when Robin was minding the store.

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