Friday, July 10, 2015

Get Your Cakes on Route 66

Our friend Joe Meeks brought something surprising and fun to our attention, and that it was in the window of a local bakery.   So, I gathered up Ron M. and we headed down the road to Merritt's, a large and well-known bastion of tooth decay just a few blocks off Route 66.   There, in the window, was their tribute to  Route 66, carried out in the form of cakes!

There were some barriers to getting good photos of the cakes, but Ron achieved better images than I expected, since some had to be taken through reflective glass and others upside down from inside the store.  Nevertheless, it was all worthwhile just to see the iced masterpieces.  
A very nice and accommodating employee of the store told Ron that this was something they did every year.  I wonder why I hadn't heard about it earlier.  I was impressed and, despite the quality of the photos, I think you will be too.   There are several others we didn't catch with the camera, but here are examples of cake decorating at it's finest.
A Route 66 postcard
 The WigWam motels in Arizona and California
 Chicago's beloved Cubs
The Blue Whale of Catoosa
The sign recognized 'round the world

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Susan Yates said...

For 14 of the 16 years that I lived on the corner of 11th and Gary, Merritt's was my neighborhood bakery--only about a dozen and a half steps farther from my front door than my detached garage was from the back door. In other words, way too close for my own good. You know what a neighborhood bakery is--like Cheers, it's a place where everybody knows your name.