Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dog Day Afternoon

Amid a wealth of two-footed guests to Afton Station today came a couple of four-footed friends with good stories to tell.

Rescuing a pup from a bad situation is as lovely as doing the same for a human being.   In the case of the two dogs who visited today, the kindness of their owners shone through when they related their stories.
Bubba was rescued from a puppy mill with over 100 maltreated canines.  Apparently it wasn't easy getting him, as a stream of paperwork accompanied each adoption attempt.  But the months that these fine folks from Griffith, Indiana have owned and loved Bubba have made it worth every one of the earlier stumbling block.
Carlton, on the other hand, has been with his adopted human pal from Ann Arbor, Michigan for several years, and persistence was what it took to get him on a permanent basis.  Now, he is so loved that his owner is building a motorcycle with a special sidecar for Carlton to accompany him on a full Route 66 trip next year.  Carlton was one of the best behaved four-footer we've hosted in a long time.

Ron M.  who was working here today, was very understanding of the emotions behind dog adoption, as his dear companion, Chewy, a rescued pup, was the love of his life for 17 years until she passed away several  years ago.

But there were plenty of other visitors today, not accompanied by their pets, but just as wonderful. They came from Paris France, Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, Broken Arrow OK, Wilton ME, Janesville WI, and Guatemala.

Regular readers have probably noticed that my posts have become shorter and perhaps less interesting lately.  For some of  you, this is probably a relief.  However, for those who are used to reading my longer ramblings, I apologize.  Its all a matter of time... i.e.  I have none! I don't know what happened to my life that's causing this lack of organization and time management, but I hope to correct it soon.  For now, just be glad things are going well at Afton Station and for all of Route 66.

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