Sunday, July 12, 2015

Betty and Robin to the Rescue

It was an amazing day at Afton Station, and I'm not sure I know what I would have done without my two sidekicks, Betty and Robin.   Since Ron M. is out of town for a couple of days, I had asked Robin to open and close for me and help me get my wheelchair into the building.   As usual, she was there waiting for me when I arrived.   After she left to go back home, I sat for almost two hours with no visitors whatsoever.  Finally, Betty came in after church to visit for a while, and moments after she got there people started flooding the place!  There was so much activity that I could never have handled it myself, but Betty jumped into Ron's usual position and escorted folks into the showrooms while I tended to the front room..

It turned out to be International Day at Afton Station.   Visitors came from Sweden, China, S. Korea, England, Denmark, and Switzerland, along with travelers from Independence KS, and Tulsa and Miami, OK. At the same time as all those were filling the Station and lined up to buy items, a lovely lady from Waterloo, Iowa stopped in to interview me for a national postcard collector's magazine. Since she was just passing through, it was necessary to give the interview right then, which I did.   And. . . that's not all!   Another friend came in because I'd asked her to give me some information about having some signs made.   All these people were there at the same time!   Honestly, they were!   I managed to give the interview,  order a sign,  greet a whole lot of people who didn't speak my language, and sell some souvenirs all at the same time.  Call me Wonder Woman!

At the end of the day, Betty and I were recuperating from the onslaught when Robin came back, right on time, to close for me and get the wheelchair loaded again.  I am so very grateful to both of those wonderful women for what they did today.  I couldn't have handled it alone.

Here are some photos.  Wish I had more, but no time. . .
 S. Korea

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