Thursday, July 2, 2015

Come and Get 'Em!

One of Route 66's favorite publications, the Oklahoma Trip Guide, has arrived.  The 2015-2016 Guide has great maps, individual articles, and touring tips for those who are planning an exploration of Oklahoma's Route 66.  It is updated yearly and is absolutely free.  Today Blaine Davis, owner and protector of the Blue Whale in Catoosa and tireless volunteer for our OK Association, arrived with a huge pickup filled with the new editions.  You can get one by stopping in at Afton Station any time.  (I'm pleased that Afton Station is one of the inset photos on the cover this year.)
Here is Blaine doing the hard work of delivering the Guides to all the distribution points in eastern Oklahoma.  This is a backbreaking job. In this shot, you can also see part of one of the walls in our "autograph" room.
Other visitors today included this gentleman from Fairland, OK who owned a Citroen when he lived in Chile and wanted to see ours for old time's sake.  Unfortunately, it's not on display right now as David has it at his house.  He said that the Citroen is quite common in that part of South America.
This family came from Oslo, Norway and are intending to drive all of Route 66.  The parents did their first full Route 66 trip in 1992!   Now, they are showing the Mother Roads charms to their kids.
The owners of this gorgeous vintage Corvette and matching trailer came from Lake Tahoe, CA and were setting out on Route 66, but they first drove the 'Vette to Indianapolis to race other Corvettes at the  Indy 500 Speedway to fulfill an item on the husband's bucket list.
This couple from Trinidad and Tobago are visiting a church in Vinita, OK.  Their host is in the center.  They have one more week in the area, during which they intend to see as much of Route 66 as possible.
Another interesting vehicle we saw today was this 1972 Airstream Argosy.  From what I understand, at that time the Argosy line was painted rather using the familiar exposed metal.   He's painted the trailer in the colors of his alma mater in Shreveport, LA.   

And finally, our neighborhood friend brought in his latest acquisition, an adorable 10-week-old pup named Hercules, the newest member of his family. It would be hard be cuter than this little guy!  
Other visitors today came from Millersburg OH, Ft. Worth TX, Nashville TN, and Anderson MO.

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Susan Yates said...

Fabulous day from Blaine to puppy. This travelers season is on a roll.