Sunday, June 28, 2015


 I arrived home this evening a bit late but fairly fresh compared to yesterday's complete exhaustion.  It's been a busy weekend at Afton Station, and a very good one indeed.

We  had 18 guests today, and they came from Salina KS, Virginia Beach VA, Bologna Italy, State College PA, Albuquerque NM, Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, and Tulsa and Afton OK.

Our only foreign guests were this cute couple from Bologna, Italy.
According to their wall writing, their names are Fuffa and Furo.  And speaking of signing our walls, we have removed the giant billboard from the work room wall so now there is plenty additional space for your autographs now.  So come ahead and leave your mark on our historic building.
These four handsome gentlemen arrived on motorcycles, but very politely.  There was not  much roaring of engines as they came and left.  Our ears thank you, guys!  There was something about the day that called for calm and quiet.
Families were also well represented today.  Here are mom, dad, and son from Salina, Kansas.
A father and son fromVirginia Beach, Virginia rolled in with this tiny teardrop trailer.   They are heading for the end of the Road in California where they will be met by Mom, who chose to fly.  Love this little camper!
Another interesting vehicle was driven by artist Brian Gregory from Chicago. 
  His car is wrapped in Route 66 signs and symbols as he traverses the country introducing folks to his brand of art, best understood by going to his website at  Interesting, very large installations.  Check it out!

Have a grand week, Readers, and see  you in a few days!

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