Saturday, June 20, 2015

Warmth of the Sun

Tomorrow is the first day of summer, but summer decided to come a day early in Afton by turning the heat up to the low 90s.   Our little station was perfectly comfortable, however, so lots of people stopped in.  Joe Meeks was our guest from Tulsa today.  He rode up with us this morning and took charge of the camera for the day, so all the following photos are his.  Ron M. then had plenty of time to escort folks to the showrooms and tell them what they were about to see.

Here are some of our guests.
A group of amateur photographers on a class outing from St. Louis.  Their native land is China but they have been in this country for several years.  They had some big, enviable cameras!
A group of Christian motorcycle riders from around Grand Lake who weren't bothered by the heat at all.
A couple from Portsmouth, England. . .
. . . a couple from the beautiful Shenandoah Mountain area if Virginian, the town of Harrisonburg
. . . nearby neighbors from Chelsea, OK....
. . . and even someone who recognized Joe from  the past.  The lady was a librarian in the Tulsa Public Schools at the same time as Joe!
Here's the Pin Man from Prescott, Arizona.  He sold me some awesome hat pins.  You must come in and see them!
We even had a few who wanted to find out what this rumble seat thing was all about.  So, they gave it a try!

There are no photos of our final guests, from Amarillo, TX, heading home after a Route 66 trip.

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Susan Yates said...

Another good day at Afton Station. Laurel, if you think about it, please, ask Joe the name of the TPS librarian. She looks familiar to me, but I can't put a name with her face. She was probably in a secondary school like Joe, but the whole bunch of us used to get together every now and then.