Monday, June 15, 2015


. . . we have by no means forgotten those travelers who dropped in during our exciting "wedding weekend".   There were many, making it a crazy busy couple of days.

Robin was kind enough to open the Station at 7:30 on Sunday morning to accommodate George Higgins's Mother Road Rally which stops very early in the day once each year.  It's a group of motorcycle riders who are heading for California on 66.   Robin snapped this photo.  This year there were 42 riders involved.

Besides those 42 intrepid bikers, we had another 39 visitors this weekend, making it one of our busiest in history.   They came from Bloomingdale IL, McAlester OK, Paris FR, Durban S. Africa, Indianapolis IN, Joplin MO, Coon Rapids MN, Moscow Russia, Manchester England, Durham England, San Francisco CA, Cologne Germany, Dallas TX, Enid OK, Melbourne Australia, Jefferson City MO, and Vici, OK.

This mother/daughter duo from San Francisco enjoyed the vintage DeSoto. . .
. . . although they arrived in their own unique vehicle, this rented camper which they are making their home each night as they cruise across  Route 66.  Way to go, Maria and Maggie!

 This handsome lad is from Enid, Oklahoma.
 And here is a jolly group of travelers from Melbourne, Australia.
 It was a long trip to Route 66 for Chili, this sweet dog whose home is in Russia.  He's fairly elderly, too, but seems to have made the trip with no problems.
 An avid collector of pressed pennies, this lady from Joplin, MO was mesmerized by our machine which produces four different designs.

 Shaun and Mandy are from Durban, S. Africa although they have resided in Florida for a bit recently.   His Hooters cap proves  that they have assimilated into American culture!
So much more to tell, and so little time.  We're in the middle of the busiest season of the year on Route 66, and please note that we have NO complaints about that!  Every day is still a joy and a surprise..

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