Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Confess.. . .

. . . that I work with cheat notes.   I can't always remember everything that transpires during a busy day at Afton Station, so I jot pertinent facts and notes on a piece of paper and bring it home with me for use when fashioning my blog.  Well...... today I seem to have lost/forgotten those notes, so I'll be working from my mind, which is well known to have many holes in it through which facts and figures escape continually.  Just wish me luck.
 There were about 18 visitors who were intrepid enough to dodge raindrops and continue their Route 66 trips.  Actually, rain DROPS puts it mildly.  How about buckets!  As I'm sure you've heard from the weather-obsessed media, it's been coming down for days.   The alarm on my iPhone frightens me by periodically letting go with a deafening siren when it warns me of flooding.   And yet, Ron M. and I had no problem navigating the 85 miles from Tulsa to Afton and back without drowning.  But back to the story.   The above visitors are here from Aukland, New Zealand and seem to be adapting to well to the soggy season.
This couple from Seattle, Washington is disheartened by the weather.  Two weeks on the road thus far and not a single day without a drenching.  They brought their tent camping gear, but it has seen NO use as yet.  They reached Chicago by a northern route and are returning to the West Coast via Route 66.   We got smiles when we told them that apparently tomorrow will be start of a dry period.  I think that Route 66 will put them in a much better mood starting tomorrow.

There was also a large family of 9, tent camping at a campground on the lake,who came in to dry out and take a look at our cars.  So far, they said, their tent have kept them moderately dry. I also remember a nice gentleman from Arkansas and a couple from near Kansas City.  If there were more, I'll report tomorrow, and I apologize for those who feel left out.  We truly enjoyed your visits.

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