Sunday, June 7, 2015

Still Wondering

I'm wondering what today at Afton Station was really all about .  There were only two people the whole day who were actually driving Route 66 as tourists.  They were two women from Minneapolis and Denver who were college roommates and were renewing old acquaintances in a truly fun way.

Other visitors were a guy named Whispering Joe from Chicago who came to let us know that he offers free entertainment for Route 66 events (he doesn't sing... he whispers).
. . . old friend Jim Taylor, postcard dealer extraordinaire, whom I haven't seen for several years.  He was producing a postcard show and sale in Tulsa this weekend and stopped in to say hello.
 A Bartlesville (OK) couple was enjoying some local cruising on their motorcycles. . . a professional photographer from Tulsa, John Shoemaker, came to take some interesting shots of the Station, inside and out. . . and others.  Betty came to visit, too.  We had rhubarb,  blueberries (picked by Robin yesterday) and blackberries (we purchased at a farmer's market) to give her along with a very broad hint about what good pies she bakes.

Oh, there is much more.  But I believe I'll wait until tomorrow to write more.  Meanwhile, check out some of the work by aforementioned photographer John Shoemaker at

PJ -  I hope you are reading this.  I can't find your email address and I have some video work for you here.

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