Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gearing Up

Have you felt lately that the action at Afton Station has calmed down, with day after day of excellent visits from engaging travelers but not much in the way of excitement?

Well, just  you wait!!

Stay tuned for Saturday's blog post, when there will be a report about a VERY exciting event that will transpire at the Station.  It's never been done before, and my guess is that it's happened very seldom in a Route 66 venues.   I look forward to reporting the event right after it transpires on Saturday!

Meanwhile, today  held our usual helping of grand visitors, and today most of them were on full Route 66 trips.  They were undeterred by the 90+ temperatures although most thought temperatures like that would be reserved for their time in the desert, not on the plains of Oklahoma.  Whew, it's stinkin'!

Brothers from Omaha, Nebraska and Wichita, Kansas are enjoying the fellowship of  the road.
These Cincinnati, Ohio visitors also look fresh and happy despite the weather.
And from across the pond came this gentleman from London, England.  His wife remained in the car during his visit.  She had had her fill of vintage cars by the time they got to Afton late in the afternoon.   He told  us she's from the Seychelles.  I wish she had come in so we could have greeted our very first visitor from the Seychelles!

Other visitors came from Bella Vista AR, Queens NY, Brea CA, Buchanan FL, and Neosho and Lebanon, MO. Postcard dealer Jim Taylor also stopped in for the 2nd time this week.  He may have left with a chunk of my money, but I now own a couple of beautiful vintage postcards.

We now  have a small supply of those beautiful Route 66 Christmas balls and coasters hand made by my friend Susan Yates.  There aren't many, but I know there are some who have been wanting them, so come and get them..  And thanks so much to Susan for both her generosity and talent.  

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