Sunday, July 26, 2015

International Day

Our record at Afton Station for visitors from the most countries in one day was surely broken today as we happily greeted folks from Argentina, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey.  I couldn't stop smiling, and my smile was a replacement for my inability to speak any of those languages. There was a lot of communication by laughs and smiles at the Station today!   This international onslaught speaks well for the blooming popularity of Route 66 around the world.

There were, of course, plenty of folks from the good old USA who stopped in today as well. They came from Warrenton MO, Broken Arrow OK, Muskogee OK, Stringtown OK, Council Grove KS, Wichita KS, Pea Ridge AR, Knoxville IL, Gentsville MO, Anchorage AK, Grove OK, Pensacola FL, Columbus OH, Macon GA, Trucker MO, and Zena, OK.  Linda K, an old friend of Betty's, happened to come in while Betty was visiting, and they had a long chat about friends in common and about the old days in Afton.
Out for a spin on their motorcycle were this couple from Broken Arrow and Muskogee, OK.
There's nothing that could prevent these folks from Buenos Aries, Argentina from having a wonderful trip across the country.
From Pensacola, Florida came this adventurous family.

I accidentally left my SIM card at home today so the photos were taken with my cell phone.   I would love to have taken many more, but things got quite crazy in the afternoon and I found I didn't have enough hands for all the tasks that needed doing, even with Ron M. and Betty helping out liberally.  I hope I have the strength to get through this super busy summer.

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