Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Day Flew By

Sometimes I look at the clock and realize it's time to close Afton Station and go home, and it seems like I just got there!  Other than being a bit disorienting, it's the happy sign of a very good day.  Our 31 visitors today made it so.

I'll begin with friends.  Very loyal Ron M. was with me, of course.  Betty came for a while, Marly stopped in and helped out with some mopping (flood, y'know), and Route 66 friend Dean Kennedy used Afton Station as a short break on  his way to his new home in  Albuquerque.   Another Route 66 fan Rhys Martin came for a visit with his fiancee Sam Extance.  They are truly lovely people who will be married on October 10, but more about that later.
.  Eddie the dog visited from his home on Monkey Island (OK).  His "people" rescued him two years ago from a very unpleasant circumstance, and it's obvious to all that Eddie is extremely happy to be in a loving home.  Still acting very much like a puppy, he made our life exciting -- and loud -- for a while this afternoon.
Others came from St. Petersburg FL, Freeman MO, Peoria IL, Reno NV, Grove OK, Chelsea OK, Wichita KS, Chetopah OK, and Sacramento CA.  Although there wasn't a drop of sun all day, the faces of our visitors afforded us with enough sunshine to make it a fine day.

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Susan Yates said...

Samantha and Rhys being everything we like to see in Route 66 supporters--enthusiastic, talented, and young--makes us believe that the Old Road has a future.