Thursday, May 21, 2015

Almost Summer

It doesn't quite feel like summer yet.   Hot days are followed by cold days, sunshine followed by clouds.   The traveling public isn't quite at its peak yet, and Memorial Day is still several days away.  I can't exactly explain it, but it's just not time.  On the other hand, a day at Afton Station would tell a different story.  We've had some good numbers, and the people we visit with are certainly in travel mode, meaning they're happily on the road and pretty thrilled with Route 66.

Today began with a couple from Aukland New Zealand now living in Alicante, Spain.  They are traveling Route 66, but that's not all. After their road trip, they plan to end up in Las Vegas precisely 15 years to the day from the day they first met, and they're going to celebrate the anniversary by getting married!   By an Elvis impersonator!   Ok, I was too polite to ask why it took them this long to tie the knot, but I did offer my services since I have by brand new marriage credentials which I've yet to be able to use.  I offered them a free, legal wedding right there in Afton Station but they chose Elvis instead.  Oh well, I tried.   Here they are, a lovely, fun duo..
Oh, and I forgot to mention that this is their ride.  Yes, across the country in 8 weeks on their motorcycle, culminating in marriage.   Love these people!
Our other visitors came from Oviedo Corlanda FL, Seneca MO, Napa City CA, Morud Denmark, Bella Vista AR, Souisburg MO, and Bentonville AR.

This couple is from Morud, Denmark, the home of Hans Christian Anderson.  This is not their first Route 66 trip, and they know their way around the USA.  
This pretty lady didn't want her photo taken because she didn't have her makeup on.  Really?  She looks gorgeous to me, as is!   They are from Napa, California and are also veteran Route 66 travelers.  

On the three days this week that I wasn't present at the Station, Sue and Robin met with lots of interesting folks from five or six countries and a number of states.  Although there have been some disappointments (i.e. cancelled tour groups, etc.) for the most part I am ready to predict that once again, this summer will exceed the previous one for sheer numbers of visitors.  I  hope I'm right!

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