Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Drying Out

By yesterday afternoon things had started to dry out, but not until another mass of downpours made sure we had enough for the day... or the week... or the year.     Travelers started crawling out of their tents and rain jacket by  midmorning and we were so  happy to see their sunshiny faces..Most of our guests today were young and chasing Route66 for the first time.
   These two are from Broken Snow, OK at the moment, but hail originally from Germany.  We made sure to tell them about the big European Route 66 festival to be held in Stuttgart next summer.
Lots of smiles from this couple from Elgin and Riverside, Illinois.   He just graduated from Illinois State Univ. and they plan to move to Jacksonville , FL right after they fulfill their dream of traversing Route66.
It appears that I have somehow lost some photos from yesterday's big day, but I will try to restore them soon.  Our photos of our visitors from Traverse City MI, Ayrshire Scotland, Catoosa OK, Louisville KY, Oak Leaf TX, China, and Pittsburgh PA swirling out in space somewhere.                                                                    

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