Sunday, May 24, 2015

Water Water Everywhere

You've no doubt already heard about the torrential rains and floods which have come to our part of the country in the last few days.  After years of drought, Mother Nature apparently decided to take care of that problem in just one weekend.   It's a shame that it had to happen on Memorial Day weekend when folks enjoy, among other things, traveling Route 66. It didn't stop the 22 people who came to see us today, however.

There was some road flooding and water levels in all the lakes in the area were up significantly.  We had a bit of our own flood at the Station to clean up this morning when we arrived at Afton Station.  Robin came over and managed to get our shop vac operational so it could suck up some of the puddles on the floor of the showrooms.  By the time we were ready to open, enough rainwater had been eliminated that slippery floors were no longer a hazard to our visitors.  Ron M. did his share of mopping, too.  Thanks to both of you
When the doors opened for visitors, the folks may have been a bit damp but still happy to be vacationing on the Mother Road.   The first came from Graz, Austria (home of Arnold Schwarzenegger).
Later, there were guests from Shaumberg IL, Moline IL, Pittsburgh PA, Humboldt NE, Milwaukee WI, Cushing OK, San Francisco CA, and Nottinghamshire England.
This couple is from the environs of Pittsburgh. . .
. . . and this young traveler is half of a couple from Nottinghamshire, England.

And here is Boy.  Boy has a longer and more complicated name, but apparently has been unwilling to answer to any name except Boy since he was adopted many years ago.  His family came to visit from Cushing, OK and their visit culminated in their buying of one of David's trailers.  

Betty came for a visit today and introduced us to Denver, a young man from her church whom she was giving a ride home.  Denver plays the guitar and perhaps some day he can be urged to play a bit at the Station.  We always welcome musicians!

We will be open tomorrow, so come ahead!

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Ken Riches said...

Glad the leakage was not more serious!