Saturday, May 9, 2015


There's an awful lot of rain here  in northeastern Oklahoma today.   It's nothing compared to what Oklahoma City got yesterday, when they accumulated 10 inches in one day.  Even so, it's been wet for most of the day with occasional breaks in the cloud cover which made it possible for travelers to enjoy their convertibles and motorcycles for a little while at least.

Shellee Grahan and Jim  Ross sent me a couple of their new t-shirt designs which they're just starting to market.  There are 4 designs depicting scary or haunted ledgends on Route 66 and are beautifully done by TouristTrapTees.   Here are a couple of them.  Their partnership with artist Joel Rayburn will surely be both fun and financially worthwhile.
Some folks from Cincinnati stopped in for a visit. The father and daughter were returning from a gigantic Rush concert at the BOK Arena in Tulsa. Rush is thinking about retirement and this was one of their last concerts..

A  family from Coweta OK,who just happened to be old friends with Betty Wheatley who was there at the time.   They had a wonderful reunion right there in the Station.
Brian Jordan from Galena KS came to say hello, too.  He's an owner of Cars on the Route, and we questioned him on how Galena is constantly improving itself and becoming a "don't miss" stop for Route 66 travelers.  It all boils down to the citizens of the town wanting to back everything the town does, because they recognize the worth of Route 66 and how it can bring money-spending travelers in by the hundreds if their hospitality is shared with all.  Yayyy for Galena!

A couple from St. Louis driving a '71 Chevelle Malibu convertible with the top down when they arrived at Afton Station, however it had been a matter of up-and-down  for the last couple of days as they dodged raindrops!

Since Betty never comes empty handed, today she arrived with  some roses from her own yard for me, and an incredible coconut cream pie for all of us to share.   As usual, the pie was  inhaled in no time at all.   Since Tattoo Man was visiting on his way back from the 3rd birthday party of the Boots Court in Carthage, MO he helped us with the pie.

 I'm home now and drying out.  Come see us tomorrow, when the weather is sure to be better (maybe!).

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