Sunday, May 17, 2015

First of all....

... Joe came through with all the captions for yesterday's visitors.  How does he have a better memory than mine?  Oh, I know.  Everyone has a better memory than mine!  At any rate, thanks, Joe.  I'll try to do better today.

Today was a madhouse at Afton Station!  Lots of visitors, several dogs, interesting vehicles, and lots of chat time!  The morning started when these three cars rolled up across the street.   All belonging to one family, described to me as a true car family, there was a  '61 Nomad, a Rambler customized from four door to two door, and a '27 Hudson rat rod.   Great family with a kookie taste in rides.
A lady from Oak  Ridge, TN was next, with her 13-year-old dog Dynamo.  At the same time, a young couple from Malaga, Spain wandered in and I managed to catch all three in one photo as they discussed travel plans.
Dynamo wasn't the only dog in town, however.  Later, we had a visit from Flint and his people from St. Louis, MO who were "doing the road".
A fellow from Wasilla, Alaska (who works on the pipelines at Prudhoe Bay.... brrrr!) struck up a conversation with a couple visiting from New Zealand and their conversation carried on all the way to the parking lot.  They planned to meet up again later when their paths crossed.    This is what Route 66 is all about.  They made my day.
Bikers were out today, too, including this couple up from Tulsa just taking advantage of a near perfect day.  The big winds, driving rain, and serious threats of tornadoes last night were all gone as the weather settled into a cool, breezy day, the kind most enjoyed by those on motorcycles.
It looks like traveling season has begun with a bang.  We had 39 visitors today.  Those not mentioned above came from Enid OK, Kansas City KS, Chicago IL, the Bahamas, Bloomington IN, and Champaign IL.

Those interested in old gas stations (and if you read this site on a regular basis, you probably are) might be interested in a cool restoration ongoing in Oolitic, Indiana.  The owners visited with us today and told of their plan to restore the old pumps, etc.  Meanwhile they are living the station, which must be fun.  You might get a hint of the project if you go to Facebook "Bells Exhaust Oolitic."

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