Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I can't say this was one of my better days.  I woke up too early and couldn't go back to sleep so I turned on the TV and got the minute-by-minute news about the tornadoes on the other side of the state.  They really did a lot of damage to the Oklahoma City area, and were moving in our direction.   They never did come to us, thankfully, but that doesn't make me less concerned and sympathetic about those whom it did affect.

When I finally left the  house to grab some breakfast and then pick up Ron M. for our drive to Afton, it was raining quite hard and was as dark as Ive ever seen it.  That was the point at which my sweet brown Subaru developed a mind of its own, hopped a curb, and had an encounter with a small tree.  Oh, just great.   The car was clearly not driveable, thus began the whole procedure -- calling the police, calling Ron to come and get me, calling the tow truck, calling the AAA,  etc., etc.
Ron came and got me and once the car was taken away to a collision place that I trust, we headed for the rental car place and I got myself a not beautiful but certainly serviceable white Toyota Camry.  By this time, we knew we would be late getting to Afton, but remarkably we were just less than an hour past the usual 9:30 opening time.

From then, the day got better, the highlight being a visit from these two couples from Cincinnati, OH.  The husbands are bicycling all the way across Route 66 (and from there on to Virginia Beach, VA) while the wives follow along as a support team, having plenty of fun themselves. This intrepid team is doing all this to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis, a nasty disease which has affected one of their families in in several ways.  They were using Afton Station as a rest stop so they stayed for a while and we sure enjoyed their visit.  Check out their website at and consider making a donation.

Other visitors came from Pittsburgh PA, Welch OK, and London, England.  It was a short day but once I stopped stressing over my car, it was a nice one.  Special thanks to Ron M. who helped all along the way as always.  

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Susan Yates said...

Laurel! Do NOT do that again!! Ever. Glad to hear the only repairs needed were to the car.