Sunday, May 17, 2015

Get Him To The Church on Time!

Over the years, we've  had a pretty healthy helping of honeymooners come through Afton Station on their "American dream" post-wedding travels.  Today was the first time that I can remember that we greeted a groom just 3 hours before his afternoon nuptuals.    The young groom is in the center of this photo. . .

. . . being calmed by his best man and a friend, cooling their heels until they had to get back to Grove for the ceremony.   We were honored to share a bit of this gentleman's big day, and I'm sure the wedding was beautiful.

Joe Meeks was with Ron M. and me today, and what a well-oiled team we made.  Joe took over photo duties as he wanted to test my little camera to decide if he wants one  himself.  Ron M. did his usual much needed job of heading our guests  in the right direction as they moved into the showrooms and telling them a little about the Station and some of the cars.  I, as  usual, did the lazy job of greeting travelers as they come through the door and, later, take care of sales.  We were fortunate  to have attracted a super array of visitors today which meant that once again there were no dull moments.  Add to that a delicious lunch of pulled pork sandwiches made by Nowhere On Route 66 just down the road and you have a pretty great day!


Uh oh!  I seem to have misplaced the little scrap of paper on which I make notes about the people I meet each day.  Now where can it be??  Probably left back in Afton, I'm sorry to say.  The photos are  here, just not the captions.  So.......  I will post the photos of these smiling faces now and add what I can remember tonight.  Then tomorrow I will fill in with details.  Forgive me!
St. Luis Obispo and Los Osos, California
Fruitland, Florida
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Ayrshire, Scotland
Wichita, Kansas
A very cool truck driven all the way from Britisn Columbia, Canada.

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