Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Short Day, New Friend

I feel that this house in Afton photographs very well on a day like this.  It's definitely the largest house in the town and is fairly well kept, but just exudes vibes of a scary haunted house.  If whoever lives there should ever read this, I apologize.  I actually love the house.  I just find it spooky.  This week, it is surrounded by daffodils, really quite beautiful
For most of the day it was gloomy, and -- I'm so sick of  typing this -- cold!   Even this lovely couple traveling Route 66 from the Muenster area of Germany thought it was cold.  
 This couple from Peoria, IL was having too much fun to be cold, I think.  They are doing their second segment of Route 66, and when they visited Afton Station they still had four days left for this segment.  I asked them how far they planned to get, and they said maybe Tulsa.   When I mentioned to them that Tulsa was only 85 miles away, they indicated that slow travel is how they roll, and they intend to stop at every single attraction along the way.  Hey, maybe it did take them four days to go 85 miles!  Who am I to judge?  I love it when people don't want to miss a thing.  I seriously enjoyed meeting them.
I left a little early in order to pick up Ron M. at the airport then meet a new friend for dinner.  Remona, the new friend whom I'd never met in person until today, was delightful, and we had a great dinner.  She indicated that she reads this blog, so "Hi Remona!"   Can't wait to see you again.

Oh, on the way home from Afton I took the old road through Catoosa and stopped to take a quick photo of Molly's Tamale Wagon, which is a colorful permanent addition to the Blue Whale premises.  I would have stopped to try one of their tamales if I hadn't been anticipating a big meal only a few hours hence.

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Susan Yates said...

I have tried Molly's Tamales--and they're worth the drive to get them. They have a variety on offer and the two kinds I brought home were both really, really good.