Saturday, April 26, 2014

Worth the Trip

It's usually a little difficult for me to drive up to Afton Station after my dialysis treatments, but sometimes I  just have a hunch that it will be worth the trip.   Today was one of those days.  I had been contacted by a gentleman named KC Keefer indicating that he wanted to interview me, and after seeing some of his other interviews on YouTube, I knew I wanted to meet him.  He and  his beautiful partner Nancy Barlow, a couple of the most enthusiasm-infused people we've met, are traveling Route 66 and talking to the people who live and work (and sometimes also those who travel) on the Mother Road.

So, Ron M. and I drove up to Afton, arriving around 1:30, and shortly thereafter KC, Nancy, and their cute and very well-behaved dog "Spence" came into our lives.  What was supposed to be a quick, half hour photo shoot turned into two hours of chat, exchanging news and views, and making a couple of new friends.
If you're traveling 66 and see this bumper sticker on an SUV, stop and get to know KC and Nancy.  They're great!   The video he took of me won't be edited and posted for a while because KC is admittedly a bit behind on the project, and of course they're still on the road and still gathering interviews, but check out his website, to see some of the interviews already posted.  I am going to be honored to be among the fabulous people he's chosen to meet on his Route 66 travels.

Nancy is an interesting person, too.  She has an advertising and design company in Denver, and she is responsible for that great new logo on Blue Swallow Motel shirts and mugs.  I think I want to hire her to design a new logo for Afton Station, too.

Well, back to Afton today and Sunday.  With some apparently severe weather in the forecast, it might turn into a very interesting weekend!


Unknown said...

After just returning back to Denver and sorting through mail and laundry I finally got the time to log on to your blog Laurel and what a surprise to see you posted about KC, Spence and me. Thank you so much for the time we spent together. I will always remember it and I can't wait to come back for yet another interesting chat. Your blog is a pure pleasure to read.

Unknown said...

Thank you Laurel and Ron. What a pleasure to spend time with you.