Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dale's Gang

A certainty at Afton Station is that Dale Butel and his group of Route 66 tourists will visit us at least three times a  year.   Our favorite Aussie tour guide never fails to bring with him a great group of folks who really seem to appreciate Route 66 and our little museum.  Today, Dale and 39 fine Australian citizens arrived in the usual big number of rented Mustangs plus several other cars and one motorcycle.  They swarmed all over, signed our wall, bought lots of items (particularly t-shirts and flags) and were smiling and cordial as usual.   Clearly, Dale gives a great tour because those who travel with him always seem so happy and contented.

Betty came and helped out at the counter.
And here I am with Dale.
Of course as usual Ron M. was a big help, and the reason he doesn't appear in any of these photos is because he took them!

We had other visitors too, on this off-and-on rainy, gloomy day.  These two men met at the Station having only seen each other once since high school in 1962.   Spencer, on the right, had a 1955 Packard as his first car, so he was especially interested in our collection.  When they left the Station they headed off to spend the day together at Bill's (on left) house on Grand Lake.  What a nice reunion!
This couple came from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and were accompanied by adorable siblings Ike and Lola.  How cute.  
Others came from Benson MO, Wichita KS, Web City MO, Mound City KS, and Sydney, Australia.  I will be driving back up to Afton tomorrow afternoon to meet with a gentleman who is traveling Route 66 and interviewing business owners.   It's turning into a very busy week!

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