Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fun Day Sunday

I got home at a more normal time tonight so I'm less exhausted.  Route 66 can sure wear a person out!  But as time goes on, I'll acclimate myself to the schedule and the pace, and today was a good start.  I'm certain, however, that this will be another year of progressively more and more visitors to Afton Station.  That number has increased each year, and because of that I am terribly grateful for my wonderful volunteers, especially Ron M., who is by my side just about every day at Afton.  I'm also grateful for my paid employee Robin, who just yesterday got back from her 5 weeks in California, thank goodness!  I've missed her.
Robin went to California as an Okie and came home a surfer girl!   Check out the tan, the blonde hair, and the tie dye!  Tomorrow she will be back at the Station each Mon., Wed., and Fri.

We had twelve visitors, not including visits from friends Phil, Robin, and Crazy Legs Walker.   Our travelers came from Bloomington IN, Orlando FL, Rockland ME, Kingfield ME, Mars Hill NC, Southport Lancastershire England, and Melbourne Australia.
Here's Ken from England, traveling solo on Route 66, having traveled to America dozens of times before!  His wife decided to forego this particular trip because she doesn't enjoy the Plains!  Ken is a reader of this blog and I was so happy to meet him and chat rather extensively with him today.  Hi Ken!!!
This couple from Mars Hill, NC (near Asheville) are the proprietors of  a lube place housed in an old gas station in Asheville!    The station is outlined in neon and has old pumps and old cars out front.  What a great idea.   If I lived in the area, I'd definitely have my oil changed in such a neat venue. Check out the picture here.
The Aussies du jour were this good looking couple from Melbourne.  They're doing the full trip and enjoying it very much.

We also greeted old high school friends, one from Florida and one from Indiana, who decided to run the Route together now that they've retired.    Two couples from Maine visited as well.  It was another great day for those of us lucky enough to get to spend time on Route 66.

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