Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter "HOP"penings

A very Happy Easter to all.  At Afton Station, we celebrated by being open, something that many of our visitors told us was not true of most other places along Route 66.  I'm a strong believer that everyone should take time off for family and other important occasions, so I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with taking a holiday Sunday off.  Other than coloring a few eggs (this year, after cooking and removing the shells), I don't do much for Easter, so I'm more than happy to remain open to visit with those who are away from home over the weekend.

Ron M. and I thought it was only right that we dress for the occasion, and so we dug through the big box of costuming stuff in the back room and this is the best we could come up with.  (One of Ron's bunny ears is broken and flopping!)  Aren't we adorable?  No wonder we had no crowds today!
Our 15 visitors came from Omaha NE, Sydney Australia, Bentonville AR, Canton MS, and Miami and Grove, OK.   Here are our Aussie visitors du jour, a very nice couple from Sydney.
The Easter flowers given to me by Betty are still going strong.  So pretty!   Betty stopped by today after church and had a chance to taste that awesome blackberry pie that Ron brought yesterday.  Marly also stopped in for a while and took the last piece.  Boo hoo!
We met this very orange gentleman on the way to Afton this morning.  He was guarding the highway maintenance yard in Claremore.   With the number of orange cones and cans on the roads of Oklahoma, he must feel very at home.  The other day, someone described orange cones as "the state flower of Oklahoma".

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