Sunday, April 6, 2014


Late Getting Home + Balky Computer = Short Blog Post Tonight

When there's more time tomorrow, I'll follow up with details.   Our guests today were most interesting and delightful, but the happy descriptions will have to wait a few hours.

Our 13 visitors came from Pourrieres France, Brisbane and Melbourne Australia, London England, Joplin MO, Tontitown AR, Oakdale CT, and Afton OK.
These brave souls from France were touring Route 66 with almost no English.  Ron M. and I did our best to dredge up our limited French without much success, and yet the visitors were so wonderful and fun and enthusiastic that we somehow managed to do just fine.   A unique couple that deserves more than this short description.
Four friends from Australia, also happily touring the Mother Road.  More about them and others when I get back to this post.  It was another very good day!

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