Sunday, April 13, 2014


This clever writing on our autograph wall, right next to the faucet, seems appropriate for this post since I've writing it in the midst of a pretty heavy thunderstorm.  The sky is black, I can hear and feel small  hail against my windows, and it's pouring.  Just got home from Afton in time to miss it while in the car.  We need a lot of rain, but this might be overkill.  I do enjoy thunderstorms,  however.  

Today was very much different from yesterday at Afton Station.  I guess Route 66 travelers are hunkering down in anticipation of the long line of storms.   We had only 10 visitors and none were from overseas.  They came to us from Houston TX, Derby KS, Bad Axe MI, Maryville TN, Hume MO, and good ol' Afton, OK.
The handsome gentleman in this picture was born and raised in Afton.  Coincidentally Betty, who was visiting with us today, had just mentioned his parents and the house they used to live in right here in town.  And then, voila!  He walked through the door!  Betty hadn't seen him for years.  He now lives in Derby, KS as does his friend who was accompanying him.  
When we hosted the 2004 Tulsa International Route 66  Festival, we gathered a number of pieces of the iconic Cyrus Avery Bridge in Tulsa (we didn't tear the bridge apart -- work was being done on it and we picked up the scraps) and sold them to make money for the Festival.  I now have custody of all the remaining rocks, along with their authentication papers, which I'm now selling for $3 each, benefit of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association.   Stop in if you want one, a nice addition to  your Route 66 collection.

Well, how about that!  The storm went by so quickly that it has already mostly moved on in the time it took me to write this short post.   The TV/radio meteorologists, whom a local newspaper columnist recently called "the Doomsday Crew" have managed to rile up the populace for what turns out to be not much.  TV stations are on full-time weather reports even though there's not much happening any more.   Just another day in Oklahoma.....

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