Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty Cars, Pretty People

Route 66 should be proud of itself for attracting the kinds of people it attracts, especially those who visit Afton Station.   Although yesterday's visitor roster included only one couple (from Slovakia!), today we had a house full of beautiful people, both friends and travelers.

It started with two gorgeous restored cars pulling in, containing four gorgeous people   The two couples from the Lake of the Ozarks region of Missouri were touring Route 66 on their way to a car show in Oklahoma City.
 1931 Ford
 1940 Pontiac
And here are the folks who came in them.   Lovely couples with all kinds of enthusiasm for vintage cars and Route 66.   We sent them off with a map of the cool things to see in Tulsa and directions for getting to Jerry McClanahan's art gallery, as they're anxious to meet him.  Before they left, the Pontiac gentleman left this on our signing wall. Love it!

These two gentlemen from Oslo, Norway cruised in with their newly acquired '50 Ford.  They purchased it upon arrival in Massachusetts and are driving it across Route 66, after which they'll ship it home from L.A.  The owner (right) dresses in '50s garb (slicked back hair, sideburns, etc.) so he's really living the dream.

This very attractive young couple is having the full Mother Road experience.  He is from the Netherlands and she is from Antwerp, Belgium but is now living with him in the Netherlands.  He was very helpful telling us about various finger signs that are accepted (or NOT) in various European countries.  I never knew that one could totally insult someone in certain countries by making finger gestures that are perfectly acceptable here.  For instance, a V for victory in the U.S. turned backwards, is about the worst gesture you can make in some other countries.  So beware, travelers to foreign lands!
From London, England came this family of five -- mom, dad, daughter, son-in-law, and grandaughter.  They, too are adventuring on Route 66.

Other travelers came from Buncombe IL, Jonesboro IL, Pensacola FL, and Claremore, OK.

We also had friends drop in today -- Historians Frederea and Loretta, Videographer P.J., Scott from Afton, Crazy Legs Walker, and Betty, who finally was able to stay for several hours.  Ron M. was, of course, with me and is responsible for all the outdoor photos.


Trevor Hilton said...

In the USA turning ones hand palm up and shaking the fingers back and forth means "come here" and the same gesture palm down means "go away". But in Asian countries the palm down gesture means "come here" and the palm up gesture has no meaning to them.
I also remember the first time I visited Malaysia I was still jet-lagged and was visiting Lim's family. I was leaning on a cabinet, a perfectly acceptable practice in the USA, when Lim's sister came up and asked me not to lean on that particular cabinet. It was their buddhist alter.

Laurel said...


I do remember some of the hand gesture "rules" from my two years in Japan. But now you've got me worried about whether I ever leaned on a Buddhist alter during my time there! Ha ha...