Saturday, April 12, 2014

66 on 66

A picture is still worth a thousand words (I hope) because I have a lot of great pictures from today but I'm tired to the point of not wanting to type too much.  I'll do the best I can, but I guess I haven't "toughened up" enough this early in the season to cope with the crowds that came in today.

We had 66 visitors, and they came from Cairns Australia, Wellington New Zealand, Aspelare Belgium, Safpsborg Norway, Madison WI, Birmingham AL, Big Cabin OK, West Fargo ND, Wichita KS, Kansas City MO, Claremore OK, Vinita OK, and Tulsa OK.

A group of 29 from Gilligan's Tours arrived, all but two of whom were from New Zealand.  Their arrival turned Afton into a busy little town for a while!
They mingled with other visitors, including folks from Australia and a family from Madison, Wisconsin as they examined the exhibits and made plenty of purchases.  The Images books were a hot item today.
The family of five from Madison designed wonderful t-shirts for their trip.
Here they are, a colorful group to say the least.   I love seeing family enthusiasm like these folks have for their trip.
Here's Harley, a cute pup who came to visit with his friend from West Fargo, North Dakota.  His friend is celebrating his 40th birthday by taking a long-awaited Route 66 jaunt.

Here are two sweet little girls who came with their parents to take a look at Afton Station on their way to a livestock show at which the older girl is showing her two goats, Penny and Jasmine.  They're from Claremore, OK.
This couple drove over to Afton after spending the night in Eureka Springs, Arkansas at the supposedly haunted Crescent Hotel there.   The lady took a sheet from their bed, put it over her head, and roamed the halls of the hotel.   I love it!!!!   These folks are into having a good time, and I sure enjoyed visiting with them!
Tattoo Man stopped in and showed off his newly restored and painted car to some of our visitors.   Ron M. was with me again today, thank goodness, because there's no way I could have handled the crowds on a day like this.   Sixty-six visitors this early in the season.  Lookin' good!

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