Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weather? Finally Seasonable!

Today was much quieter on Route 66 than the previous few, showing that weather doesn't always matter.  This was a gorgeous day.  Perhaps everyone was strolling in a park somewhere, and I wouldn't blame them.  We did have 10 visitors from 5 different states, so there are definitely folks out there looking for cool Route 66 sites to visit.

Marly spent the whole day with me, which was fun.  We haven't seen that much of one another lately, and we seem to never run out of things to chat (gossip?) about.  Phil also spent part of the morning with us, which was nice because he leaves to go back to California on Wednesday and has no idea when he'll be coming back again.

The sunrise was lovely today, but my photo of it isn't that lovely.  I was in Claremore in a rather obstructed spot when the sun peeked out.
Our ten visitors came from Powell MO, Manchester IA, Kellyville OK, Indianapolis IN, and Rosendale, WI.
This couple from Manchester, Iowa arrived early this morning and we had lots of time to chat about their trip.
Clay Fees from Kellyville, Oklahoma is a member of our Route 66 Yahoo group.  It was nice to meet him in person.

Two ladies from Wisconsin came in on their way home from a dog show in Tulsa.   Their dalmation (who won 2nd prize) barked in the car the entire time the women were touring the Station, but they seemed reluctant to let her come in.  I was hoping for a photo.  Dalmations are such lovely dogs!

That's all for today!

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