Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

I spent the first day of Spring by having a meeting with my accountant.  Exciting, huh?   Well, since he's in Vinita, I got to take a ride on Route 66 today, and after I finished I drove up to Afton to check on things and take a quick inventory of remaining t-shirts before placing an order for more.  Within a week or so, we should have a full supply of both short and long sleeved t-shirts in all sizes, some new neat caps, and more of those super-popular large white flags with shields from each state.   I also received a re-supply of  Kathy Anderson's wonderful large oval wall signs and license plates, both car size and motorcycle size, all Made In America, of course!    We'll be open this weekend, 9:30 to 3 each day, and next week's schedule isn't quite worked out yet, but we're getting pretty close to being open full time now that tourist season is almost upon us.

I arrived at the accountant's office a bit early and sat waiting in my car right on Vinita's main street, Route 66, watching the merchants open up and put out their flags.  There's something very cool about the quiet streets of a small town early in the morning.
After my appointment, I drove to the edge of town to try the new touch screen ordering at Subway.  Very modern for such a small town!  I don't believe we have the new touch screen at any of Tulsa's Subways.  I procured a 6-inch sub which was ... eh.... not terrible, but not exactly gourmet, either.

Ok, maybe not terribly exciting, but it was a lovely day for a ride on Route 66.  Isn't every day?

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