Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alone Again

This was the first day thatI worked Afton Station alone for ages.   Betty did drop in for a while in the afternoon, but when she was there we had no visitors.  Being a Tuesday in March, I didn't anticipate a busy day on Route 66 and I was mostly correct.   I was happy to have a quiet morning because when I arrived there were plenty of big boxes to unpack.  I've been doing a lot of ordering merchandise for the new season and it seems to have all come in at once.
We have lots and lots of new Route 66 caps in many designs.   The ones shown above don't represent all the designs that arrived today.
We also have over TWO THOUSAND new postcards, just about anything a traveler could want.

 Additionally, we have restocked those great Route 66 flags that everyone wants, EZ66 Guides (don't leave home without one -- seriously), Oklahoma Route 66 guides, license plates, wall signs, and much more.    Come and get 'em, boys and girls!

Well, you know when I start taking pictures of merchandise that it must have been a slow day.  As I indicated earlier, the morning was indeed slow.   Then these three gentlemen from Cherry Valley, Arkansas came in and brightened my day considerable.   Father and two sons, all very interested in American history and vintage cars.  What could be better!  I really enjoyed talking to them.
By afternoon, traffic began to speed up and we ended up with 13 visitors who came from Iowa City IA, Keller TX, Owasso OK, and some home town Afton folks.   Marly was nice enough to open and close for me today, too.  My enthusiasm for the new season continues to grow and grow.

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