Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Grand Opening... or An Opening That Was Grand!

Easing into a new traveler's season at Afton Station was not to be.  On our first official day back to work, we were virtually inundated with visitors!   No complaints here, except I'm kind of tired.  The 37 visitors came from Kansas City, Oak Grove, and Springfield MO and Bixby, Collinsville, Wyandot, Nowata, So. Grand Lake, and Afton, OK.   Some were heading for Spring Break vacations, some were folks getting their passsports stamped (for a rally being sponsored by a motorcycle place in Tulsa), some were local Afton people, and we even had an escorted small group from the mental health center behind the Station.  Such a varied and busy day!
Here are a grandma, grandpa, and grandson from Kansas City.    The grandson is being treated to a road trip which will end in Phoenix, AZ.
Here's a family from Oak Grove, MO.....
... and their sweet little 12-year-old pup, Pearl!   Very cute!

We're so pleased that Phil is back from California and staying for a month.   Great to see him.  In fact, he and Robin worked the Station yesterday and he said he was so glad to be back.  They had about 7 visitors, some from Iowa and the others from Oklahoma.  Here are Phil and Robin....
Ron was with me today.  Betty stopped in for a short time.  T'was a really fulfilling day.  

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be quite terrible, with hard rain all day.  We do need the rain, but I'm thinking about not driving up there in the mess.  In case that happens, Phil and Robin will open up and stay as long as is practical.  So, if you're planning to visit tomorrow, it might be a good idea to call first to see if someone is there.  918-257-4044.  

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