Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rockin' on Route 66

I have to admit that I wasn't in the best mood when I got to Afton Station this morning.  I had risen very early (3 a.m.) to get some grocery shopping done before heading for the Station, and while unloading my bags one of them broke and groceries crashed to the ground and rolled under my car.  Of course it was pitch dark, cold, and there was a more-than-brisk wind.  So, I grumbled my way through the 85-mile drive up to the Station.  Well, you'd be amazed how quickly I "recuperated" when I got to Afton and when visitors started coming through the door, it was as if I'd taken a large slug of spring tonic.  I was immediately revived and ended up having a magnificent day!

It didn't occur to me until I uploaded the photos I took today that it must have been Facial Hair Day at the Station.   Check out these fabulous handlebar mustaches and awesome beard on some of the people who stopped in...
The first photo is of  handlebar wearer Michael Wheat who, with his wife Judy, is a frequent visitor to Afton Station and a reader of this blog.  They stopped in while taking a Saturday drive from home in Pryor, OK in their sporty Miata with their brand new family member, the adorable Gidget!   Gidget is a sweet pup who loved exploring the room and meeting us all.
 This couple from Cassville, MO has also visited in the past.  They are veteran Route 66 fans and travelers.  His 'stach rivals Michael's!

The impressive beard belongs to a gentleman from Albany, MN who, with his wife, is traveling Route 66 to get away from the Minnesota weather.  Wish we could have given them a bit nicer day for their travels today.  It was sunny, but not quite as warm a spring ought to be.
With less facial hair but an abundance of enthusiasm came this family,  grandparents from Neosho, MO and grandkids from Webb City, MO who were taking a Spring Break trek on their favorite road.  It energized me to witness the enthusiasm of the two teens who were overflowing with excitement about being on the Mother Road.  It's so seldom that we meet young folks so ebullient.
Our first Aussies of the new season were here , and like all folks from Australia, were enjoying their trip.  They're taking it slowly, three or four weeks just for Route 66.  They're from Mackay, which is in Queensland.   Love me some Aussies!

Others came from Talala OK, Lakeville MN, and Claremore OK, 19 visitors altogether.   Robin and Phil were there to help me close at the end of the day, and it wouldn't surprise me if more people came in after I left.  They will be working at the Station tomorrow, too.   Betty visited for a while toward the end of the day, and even with all this happening, I managed to close out (finally!) my 2013 books and make a handful of new magnets to sell.

Yippee!  I'm back!   Looking forward to a record-breaking season on Route 66!

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Susan Yates said...

Congratulations! Auspicious start to the 2014 tourist season.