Thursday, August 8, 2013

From Russia With Love

We had our first Russian visitors to Afton Station today, at least the first this year and perhaps the first in many years.   This lovely young couple is spending four months exploring Route 66 and the United States, and it's not their first visit.  They are accompanied by Chili ("as in chili pepper" she said), a very happy and much loved pup.  
 Also loved by his owner is this neat old hot rodded tow truck.  The fellow from Ketchum, OK drove over to pose his truck in front of the Station for the purpose of photo taking.   We were happy to oblige.
This big group was in the area for a family wedding and decided to spend a day on Route 66.  It seemed they were having a great time.   From Brooksville FL, Tokyo Japan, Battle Creek MI, and Holland, MI, they congregated for the weekend wedding and other lake-oriented events.
 Other visitors came to us from Northwood IA, St. Louis MO, Miami OK, Kansas City MO, and Novi, MI.     Ron M. was with me today and Betty stopped in for a while, too.  Since she hasn't been around for a while (busy with family obligations) we were very happy to see her.

If anyone tried to visit yesterday and found us closed, I apologize.   Robin had an emergency situation that made her unable to work.  She'll be back tomorrow, as usual.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see lots of Michiganders making it down your way!


Trevor Hilton said...

Cool Tow Truck!

With your new building maybe you have room now to put up a world map to keep track of all of the countries that have visited you. They include Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Russia, France, and what was that obscure island north of the Arctic Circle near Norway?

Laurel said...

Dave -- It seems that we have more travelers from Michigan this year than any other. Same for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Maybe they all want to experience our horrible heat! :-)

Trevor -- Unfortunately, we can't use the walls in the new building because it's a quonset and the walls are rounded. I'd love a map like that, but I wish I'd started it about 10 years ago! I'm sure we've been visited by at least 20-30 countries and all 50 states.