Saturday, August 31, 2013

Brave Heat Warriors

Route 66 Road Warriors had to be Heat Warriors as well today, ssince we experienced the hottest day of the summer so far.   Yes, the last day of August proved to be a scorcher, with the thermometer reading 104 when I left Afton Station.

I had quite a busy day, perhaps because it's a holiday weekend.  I was working alone today since Ron M. is still recovering from some surgery and needs some rest days.  He's doing very well.  I'm not sure I was so fine when I left the Station today, though.  I've had a muscle problem in my lower back for a while and today it seemed to travel to my neck.  Oh, the aches and pains of getting old!

Nevertheless, I soldiered on alone, with brief visits from Betty, Robin, Marly, and Crazy Legs Walker.  There were 32 visitors too, and they came from Sioux Falls SD, Fayetteville AR, Little Rock AR, Dallas TX, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, Leon Spain, Bedfordshire England, and Sapulpa, Big Cabin, Tulsa, and Tishamingo, OK.

Without Ron with me, the quality of photos sinks a bit.   I'm always so busy I forget to take photos, and then when I do, they're not particularly of great quality.  But here they are. . .
These congenial friends came from Big Cabin, OK (him) and Tishamingo OK (her).   He's opening his wallet to buy Jim Ross's great guide to Oklahoma Route 66.  I think they'll be doing a lot more Route 66 travel soon!
This happy little lady came with her family from Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Mom and daughter from Leon, Spain sign the guest book while Dad and their other daughter spend some time with the antique vehicles.
 And finally, these two couples came to visit near the end of the day.  They're from Niagara Falls (the Canadian side), and are traveling in a very lovely and large motor home.   They, too, showed a lot of interest in the Packards.  

It's supposed to cool off a bit tomorrow, and we'll all welcome that.  Come visit.  My air conditioner is working just fine!

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