Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Return to Dog Iron

To take advantage of yet another springlike day in Oklahoma, I asked Ron M. if he'd like to accompany me on an outing.  Last week after I went to Dog Iron, the Will Rogers Homestead, I heard from my friend Joe who informed me that the home is always open, even if there's nobody there.  I decided I wanted to test his knowledge.  We'd either get to see the interior or, if he was playing a joke on me, we'd be arrested for breaking and entering. I was willing to take the chance.

Ron was up for the trip, so off we went.  And once again, as we entered the homestead grounds, we were the only people anywhere.   There were still chickens in the yard, and this time there were even some goats and a friendly dog.  Ron immediately made friends with this cute little goat.  

As for the house, we walked right in!   And we were excited to see how beautiful and authentic it is!   There's a DVD playing an explanation of the house and grounds on a loop, but otherwise the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.  Here are a few photos of the house with its late 19th century furnishings.

Will Rogers was born in this parlor.
"I Can't Tell You Why I Love You But I Do", from the Ziegfield Follies
I wish I had this stove!
Gorgeous view from front door
The old Will Rogers Airport is on the site, and since there's a wind sock there and a partially groomed runway, we assume that small planes can still land there.    It was dedicated in 1931 by Will Rogers, Wiley Post, and Harold Gatty. 
 After we left the homestead we passed through the small town of Oologah, where there is a large bronze statue of Will himself!  

To top off our All-Will Rogers day, Ron took me for a birthday lunch at the famous Hammett House in Claremore, on Route 66 and right across from Rogers State University.   Great food, and such a perfect day!


MissDazey said...

First, is it your birthday? (saw the treated to birthday lunch part) Whenever it is, have a great day.

So glad you went back. Love the pictures.

Laurel said...

No, my birthday isn't until Friday. But thanks!