Saturday, February 11, 2012

Everyone Has A Story. . .

On the coldest day of the year thus far, it took a good number of BTUs to get Afton Station up to a comfortable temperature this morning, but it was worth the obscene heating bill just to meet those folks we were privileged to meet today.  

It's true that everyone has a story, and having a drop-in place for travelers has got to be the best place to hear tales of every kind.  Today, although we didn't have a large  number of visitors, we did hear plenty of interesting stories.   Our visitors came from Coventry U.K,  and Afton, Vinita, Tulsa, and Ketchum OK.  
The best story of the day was told to us by this mother-daughter team from the U.K.  (Mother Debbie is on the left, daughter Rachel on the right, although I acknowledge that it's hard to tell an age difference!).   Rachel and her mother are on the way to California. Debbie will be dropping Rachel off at the New York Film School there where she will spend the next three years learning the acting craft.  I was so pleased to hear that they're taking Route 66 all the way!   After some time in California, Debbie will return to the East Coast via a long tour of many, many places in the U.S.A., which will keep her in this country for quite a few months.  These two are some of the most cheerful and engaging people we've greeted for a long time.  We know that this will be a wonderful adventure for both!

It seems that most of our other visitors were men who had a special interest in vintage vehicles, and most have had car collections of their own.  One even had three Edsels at one time, one for each year they were manufactured.   Ron M. and Marly were with me today, and once the place heated up a bit and the sun began to shine brightly it became quite a lovely day in Afton, Oklahoma.  I hope yours was as good.

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