Thursday, February 16, 2012

Admiral Twin Rising

This isn't my photo.  I admit it.  I saw this happening when I passed by the Admiral Twin Drive-In today, but I was on the Interstate and couldn't stop, so I stole this picture from the Admiral Twin Facebook page.  I'm sure they won't mind. I couldn't hold in my excitement at seeing the actual screen being affixed to the structure. It isn't every day (in fact, it isn't ANY other day) that you can see an old-fashioned thing like a drive-in movie rising from  the ashes.  I'm so proud of Tulsa for wanting to make this happen, and I'm thrilled that it's on Route 66.  Tomorrow I'll drive over there and take some of my own pictures.


Susan Yates said...

Admiral Twin RISING--I see what you did there. I'm a fan of FLAMINGO RISING, too.

This is a splendid photo. Fingers have been crossed for a year and half that nothing would sink this project. The Churchills and I drove by for a look at the progress when they were here in October and we were so disappointed that there was no progress to be seen. In fact, without the giant screens as a landmark, we drove around a bit to find the street that leads to the gate. That enormous steel skeleton taking on the big white panels does indeed look like Admiral Twin Rising!

Laurel said...

I figured someone would understand my reference to "rising". I should have known it would be you! I just posted another installment, with my own photos which I took this morning.