Thursday, February 2, 2012

How I Spent My Groundhog Day

Ron M. and I took a quick trip (on Route 66 of course) to Stroud today to meet photographer Richard Cox, his mother, and his mother's friend at the Rock Cafe for lunch and so that Richard could return a portion of my postcards that he and Rick, his partner, are using for a Route 66 DVD they're producing.
 As usual, we  had a delicious lunch at the Rock, and it was fun meeting the two ladies.  Ron took this photo of us.  It was a nice way to spend Groundhog Day.  Down the road at the Methodist Church there is to be a dinner tonight, but the fare didn't sound very appealing so we decided not to stay.    :-)


Trevor Hilton said...

You mean you ain't never tried barbecued ground hog? Or deep fried ground hog?
You just ain't never lived!

Laurel said...

Nope, ain't never did! I have no problem with trying new foods, but it sure doesn't sound very good. Nevertheless, here are a few recipes. Have you ever eaten it?

Enjoy! :-)

Ron McCoy said...

The Oriental Groundhog with Teriyaki glaze sounds delicious! NOT!

Susan Yates said...

Could this possibly have been a word play--as in hog (pork) that has been ground (sausage)? I believe that the name of the little animal that's frightened by its shadow is groundhog (one word) and the Methodist seem to be offering Ground Hog--sounds like sausage to me. On the other hand, maybe the Methodists of Afton are good shots and poor spellers and indeed were offering fried rodent.

Laurel said...

We felt pretty sure it was a play on words, and we liked it. I immediately figured it had something to do with ground pork. Actually, the sign was in Stroud, not Afton.