Sunday, November 6, 2011

Earth-Shaking Day

Having been awakened from a sound sleep last night by a 5.6 earthquake, I figured the day couldn't get much more exciting after that. Wrong! It was my first earthquake. It fascinated me and didn't frighten me, and I now realize that the state of Oklahoma has got to be the epicenter of every single weird climatological and geological phenomenon on earth. LOL!

But anyway. . . I arrived at Afton Station 45 minutes early, and there were already four people waiting at the door. Good start! They never stopped arriving, creating a full house all day. By the end of the day, I'd greeted 27 travelers, and most of them were on extended Route 66 trips. But more about that later. . .

We also had a visit from 17 members of a Japanese filming team which is traveling across Route 66 producing a travelogue for Japanese TV. They were mostly there to interview Tattoo Man, but they spent about two hours at the Station and filmed it from every angle, too.

While they were there, a gentleman representing the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association arrived to shoot a video that will be distributed to new RV buyers. He remained for a long time too, and was especially interested in the 1917 RV in our showroom. I'm so pleased that the word about Route 66 and Afton Station is getting around to all corners of the world.

This family from El Reno, OK came to visit because Mom has been a loyal reader of my blog. That always makes me smile! Although it seems odd that perfect strangers know so much about it, I have to say that my blog is apparently attracting only the nicest people. This family was no exception.
The rest of the visitors came from Flower Mound TX, Prosper TX, Wahaunic IN, Orangevale CA, Bristol CT, Virginia Beach VA, Frederickburg TX, Broken Arrow OK, Vincennes IN, Nowata OK, Berkeley CA,, Tucson AZ, and Grove, OK.

This past summer, we had a visit from a lovely young couple from Italy. Yesterday, I received this nice photo from them, along with a few more. It was so nice to hear that they had a great Route 66 trip.

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Trevor Hilton said...

Oklahoma has even experienced a hurricane.

I don't know if we've ever had an avalanche, buuuut.....