Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday in Tulsa

So this is what Tulsa looks like on Sunday! It's been so long since I've been home on Sunday that it just feels weird. Because of a one-time change in my dialysis schedule, I had to go there this morning, and now I'm home and making a big pot of turkey soup. That may sound odd just a few days before Thanksgiving, but in order to make gravy for the big day, I had to roast a bunch of turkey legs and thighs and render the juice. Now, I have a fridge full of turkey meat! Meanwhile, Robin is holding the reins at Afton Station today. I hope she has lots of visitors!

Today is also the day of the running of the Route 66 Marathon here in Tulsa. There are a lot of streets blocked off, so it took some creativity to traverse the one mile from the hospital to my house. In 2008, our Studebaker was chosen to lead off the runners at the start, and that was really fun. Sadly, we haven't been asked back, but the Marathon has become very much larger over the years. Although I don't see much connection to Route 66 other than the name, I guess it's a good way to spread the word that Route 66 goes through Tulsa. Sometimes it's the locals who are less likely than visitors to recognize the importance of the Mother Road's presence in a city.
Here's one of the photos sent to me by Rick Thompson. It shows my ex, David, and his son Patrick checking out the Ribbon Road monument last weekend.


CewTwo said...

I really enjoyed running the Route 66 Half-marathon last Sunday morning.
I did research on Route 66 prior to coming. I live in the Denver, Colorado area; and decided to drive to Tulsa for the event. It helped, as we spent the day before and the day of the Half, to spend time exploring the Mother Road!
Thanks for being there and for supporting the old Route 66!

Laurel said...

So glad you enjoyed our city and our ROute 66 Marathon. Perhaps now you can continue your exploration of Route 66 in other parts of the country.