Sunday, November 27, 2011

Visitors? What visitors?

Day 2 of the big shopping weekend has passed right by Afton Station. Today, I sold exactly $1 less than I sold yesterday, and that means $0. Don't get me wrong. I'm not there to sell things. But it's fun to wonder whether people are really out there shopping. According to the radio news I heard while driving home just now, there were plenty of folks out spending lots of money, just not at Afton Station.

The bigger disappointment is that of having so few visitors. Today, we greeted one man from Cape Canaveral, Florida, who had been visiting family in the area, and four little kids from Afton who were getting bored toward the end of their Thanksgiving vacation. Betty also stopped in for a while, and Ron M. was with me all day. We got a little cleaning done, did some reading, did some crossword puzzles, and Ron grabbed my camera and took a few photos.

Robin has made a number of the squashed penny bracelets in three sizes. She has also made a charm bracelet which isn't in this picture. I've been wearing my bracelet continuously and I love it.

We got out our meager Christmas decorations, and no sooner did we get Rudolph out of the box than he jumped on the cash register and went after the turtle who lives there. No worries. We kept him from making a meal of Turtle so a catastrophe was averted. Yes, we were quite bored today. At least the sun was out most of the day. Happy Winter!

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