Thursday, November 10, 2011

Preparations for the Weekend

Shortly after we arrived at Afton Station, Ron M. and I left and drove down to the Monument so I could stencil the posts. They turned out pretty good, not perfect, not even close to perfect, but they'll do. I didn't really have the right equipment and the wind was a bit uncooperative. Nevertheless, they're done. Marly watched the Station for the half hour that we were gone.

We also got everything else ready for Saturday's big event. We've received word that folks representing both the KS and MO Route 66 Associations will be attending, along with the Oklahoma contingent, of course. I hope that a number of Afton residents will come, too. The event will also be photographed by some professional photographers. Should be fun.

We only had five visitors today. A man from Oklahoma City dropped in, as did a couple from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. They were in the area on their way to Texas and decided to do as much as possible on Route 66. Then, this stunningly attractive young couple from Genoa, Italy visited us on their very first trip to the U.S. They're exploring Route 66 as far as Las Vegas, then due to commitments back home they will not be able to finish the rest of the Route. Lovely people with a great attitude and appreciation of everything they've seen so far.

We had the pleasure of having Betty W. and Marly around for most of the day, too.

That's about all for today, but once again I want to mention that if you're anywhere near Afton on Saturday, please consider attending the monument dedication at 1 p.m. and the reception at Afton Station immediately thereafter. I'd love to see you!

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Myx said...

Hi Laurel, this is Myriam from Italy. I've visited your museum with my boyfried Elia in November 2011 and it was our pleasure to meet you on our way along Route 66 to Las Vegas. We spent just some time together but we both have you in our minds, that was sure a great stop and I recomend it to everybody!
Beautiful weel restored cars (really a great work!) that flash you back to past and let you imagine about all the kilometers they traveled, but specially your kindness and hospitality.
Thanks for being part of our unforgettable trip along Route 66!